Are you crazy about integrating into your new job?

We'll help you look like a Rockstar

We will guide you on how to deliver an excellent image in your work in front of the whole team.

First we will send you a survey to get to know you better.

You will receive a link to enter our website and answer some questions that will allow us to know more about you and help you project an appropriate image during the video shoot, and then all your new co-workers will know who you are when you interact with them.

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The video shooting date is then scheduled.

Everything will be via internet, hopefully you are connected to a computer via cable and with a good camera, or from a cell phone but with a very good Wifi signal, we do not want distortions of image or sound that can harm your reception in your new company.

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Who will watch this video?

Once corporately tagged, the recorded video will be sent to the person in charge of giving publication approval within your new company, so it will be sent to the closest team you will interact with.

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Who pays for this work?

All expenses are already covered by the company that hired you, but if you think you need some extra support just contact us to see how we can help you.

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